In the last two days

In the last two days,  I…

  • did over 12 puzzles
  • babysat a four year old boy  for a total of 16 hours
  • made a Robot Star Pony
  • made two lists of what I did in the past two days
  • watched four episodes of Go Diego Go!
  • drew a rainbow
  • ate waffles for breakfast twice
  • took two showers
  • ate a sandwich for lunch both days
  • rode my bike
  • met a blind dog named Molly
  • built a train track for Thomas the train with the help of a four year old.
  • drew a picture of a house
  • almost fell asleep
  • realized some kids talk to the TV during Go Diego Go! and Dora the Explorer
  • recited the Spanish alphabet
  • counted from 1 to 40 and then 1 to 100 while a four year old stared at me
  • forgot to take my morning meds, twice
  • walked to Sonic
  • talked to Shanna on the phone and tried to come up with another name for me
  • colored a picture of Dora, Diego, and Baby Jaguar
  • watched Dora the Explorer
  • got yelled at by Mallory
  • build a train track, again
  • watched TV on the internet
  • made a birthday card for Alexis
  • went outside.

Summer As of July 21

So far, I’ve:

  • been to two flag lowerings at Lincoln’s tomb, 1 Civil War re-enactment, and 1 Civil War thing at the Old State Capitol.
  • babysat for 10 hours, excluding time home alone with Mallory.
  • answered 156 questions on Yahoo! Answers.
  • asked 17 questions on Yahoo! Answers.
  • taken zero photographs worth looking at.
  • taken 17 showers.
  • brushed my teeth 34 times.
  • been to Allerton Park once.
  • gotten lost twice by following a GPS’s instructions.
  • hung out with Jane at the APL.
  • hung out at Alice’s house.
  • talked to Alexis daily.
  • been on numerous bike rides to Sonic on Wabash.
  • eaten at Steak’ n’ Shake once.
  • almost got to ride my bike to the lake to see the turtles, but Mallory didn’t want to ruin her shoes.

So far, my dog has:

  • chewed through the straps on one pair of flip flops.
  • torn apart another pair of flip flops.
  • caused me to punch a cactus.
  • walked to Sonic with me and my mom.

Things I Never Want To Do

I never want to marry Dane when I’m sixteen, let alone anytime. I never want to have two kids with Dane before I’m twenty-five. I never want to go to the Bahamas with Dane, almost get eaten by a shark, and be saved by someone from Tennessee. I don’t want to marry Trey as my second husband. I don’t want to have two more kids with Trey. I don’t want to fall madly in love with Tayt. I don’t want to have two or three more kids with Tayt. I don’t want to grow old with him. I don’t want to wake up in the morning and drink coffee with Tayt. I don’t even like coffee, or Tayt!

May I please have a different future, Shanna?

Is Cricket’s Acne Extremely Noticeable?

He won’ t be offended.


I got third in the photography contest! I can go to the National Junior Beta Club Convention in Orlando, Florida!!! It sounds cool, but honestly, extremely boring. Here’s my thoughts on it:

Ten times as many people, I’ll only know one one-hundredth of those people, and ten times as boring and two times as long.


We got a foster dog! His name is Scooter and he’s a little brownish Boston puppy. He’s adorable!!!


Our foster puppy’s home was found. :( Mal was in tears. The lady looked like she lived in a trailor park, all alone, I know. Poor little Scoot- I mean Red. What kind of name is Red anyway? Not a good one, that’s what kind. I miss Scooter- I mean Red.


All The Sudden, 16 Doesn’t Seem So Far Off…

I’m going to be taking Drivers Ed. next year! Anyone think that’s weird? I’m going to be 14 in March, so I’ll most likely be 14 while in Drivers Ed. I just can’t wait to learn how to drive! Sixteen seems farther off, but Drivers Ed. is just around the corner!

I missed the date….

I brought my pictures to school the day after break was over, and I gave them to Ms. Krumrei, and then the next day I went to talk to her, and she said that they were wonderful and and she liked the sneakers one best. Then she said Mrs. Peterson has them. Mrs. Peterson gave them to me in math, and said I missed the deadline. I was sad… I’m going to try to find other contests to enter on the internet. I don’t care if there’s a prize, I just want to win something!

No worries! I didn’t die!

Sadly, my new cellphone that I got for Christmas was washed yesterday. I’m sad because it may not work, and more sad because I only had a week with it. It’s in the rice treatment, which my family has grown familiar with over the past two years. I really hope its okay.

On a happier note, my Christmas break was good. I spent a lot of time with my family. For Christmas, I got some clothes, new boots, a watch, Mal made me a necklace, and *starts to cry* a new cellphone.

I gave Mallory a new wooden manikin guy like I have, and wrapped a bunch of stuff from her room, backpack, and drawer. I told her and she didn’t believe me. I got mainly giftcards from my extended family. I even got this little “microSD” card for my cellphone, not for Christmas, but separate. Then the next day it all gets washed. I’d been babysitting the night before, and got home around midnight, much later than I usually stay up. I was sorta frustrated because first, when I was in the mind set that I’d just go plop on my bed and fall asleep, my door was locked! I had to go out to my parents room again to get the room key thing, then my big polka dot blanket was on the couch from when I’d carried Elli out there earlier that day, and I had to go get it. So I just changed in to my pjs quickly and went to bed. Then I couldn’t find my phone. Then my mom asked for my dirty clothes. Then she said Abby can I talk to you? Then I was sad.

Such a tragic story!!!

Christmas Gnomes

In Norway, they have three Christmas gnomes. One comes and eats porage, if you don’t leave any out, he gets mad. Another brings presents on Christmas Eve night!

Flashback to Chirstmas 2007

My daddy got Mallory and I both survival canteens and a remote control helicopter. The survival canteen includes:

  • 1 Carabiner
  • 1 Emergency Blanket
  • 1 Emergency Poncho
  • 1 Multi-function Whistle/Compass
  • 1 Mini Pocket Knife
  • 1 Box of waterproof matches
  • 1 Flashlight
  • 2 Batteries
  • 10 Adhesive bandages
  • 1 Reusable zipper-lock bag
  • Rope/Twine around whistle
    all inside a polycarbonate canteen. Mine is red.

Christmas Break: 6 DAYS AWAY

With Christmas break only six days away, me being a kid and all, I can’t help but anticipate what I’ll do for the two weeks we have off.

  1. I really want to get back into photography, with the contest in February, I really need some cool new pictures to wow the judges or whoever decides who’s gonna win. I want to win! I want to start my 365. I really will start this time. I’ve started taking more pictures anyway, so the only new part of my day would be uploading them. It might be the new-found free time of finals, but I have been having more time to model, and take photos of my own. I want to work oh portraits, too, outside, not the sort of boring ones inside where you stand there and get your picture taken.
  2. SNOWING! I want to go snowing, also known as sledding, but I’ve been saying snowing by accident. I’ve also been spelling my own name wrong: Abbey! So weird!
  3. Sit around, watch TV marathons, and be lazy! I want to sleep til noon, have pancakes for breakfast, then watch a marathon of some random TV movies, or shows I like, which is mainly House, though I’ve been watching the TV Guide Channel more and more..
  4. Go on a road trip! We used to go places almost every other weekend, and I sort of miss that. I want to go to Starved Rock, it’s been a year since we went. I’d also like to go to Saugatuck! We never go there unless it’s our big Michigan trip, and I’ve never been there otherwise. My dad’s never been there at all, which I think is sort of weird, considering I’ve been there for a week every summer of my life since I was three.
  5. I want to go exploring in Washington Park with Jane.
  6. I want to  go picture taking with Brenna.

With this winter theme…

With this winter theme, the widget sidebar stuff is all the way at the bottom of the page.

It came to me in a vision

Abby has a dream and wrote about it.

Supporting Role

I’m going to be a supporting actress in the upcoming film The Lost Lake Days: When Life Was Real. You can see the movie poster below.The Lost Lake Days

Ice Cream Time

Ice cream time is at 7 o’clock at night for daylight saving time in the winter. When you change your clock, ice cream is at 8 o’clock at night

Private Island

You’re invited to my private island off the coast of South America. Here’s the rules:

  • Seven people can come.
  • The seven people include yourself and the plane driver.
  • You have five people excluding yourself and the pilot.

Who would you invite?

Who would be the pilot?

*A professional pilot is not an option.

Life or Death

Cricket might have eaten chocolate. About a half cup or more. I’m so scared right now. Here’s the story:

I got home and found my paper bag of M&Ms all over my floor. I didn’t think anything of it. I took my computer to the basement to work on my tech project. I was there for like an hour. Then I come up stairs and see he’d vomitted on the couch. By now I’m freaking out. I spend 10 or 15 minutes worrying, being scared, and thinking the worst, and crying because I think Cricket’s going to die. Then I clean up my room of all the M&Ms. Soon enough my mom comes home and Crick gets sick again. Mom cleans everything up. My job is to find out what we’re supposed to do. All I can find is the amounts in which it’s toxic. That doesn’t help us because we have little idea how much he ate. They all say, “could result in death.” That doesn’t help me in my emotional state, so my eyes are all red. My mom called the vet and I don’t know how that went. She told Elli, “Stop being annoying, your brother is sick.”

Now I’m really worried and everything makes me think of Cricket. He’s okay for now though! I hope he’s okay. :'(

Abby Words

Food- Abbadoozleish for a meal, dinner specifically.

Ice Cream Time- an Abbadoozleish holiday celebrated every day at eight o’clock at night by eating ice cream.

Babtist- Abbadoozleish for “Shanna”

Jane Books- Abbadoozleish for a book issued out by Jane, also see “people books”

People Books- Abbadoozleish for books read by people in general as opposed to “girl books” and “boy books”

Flippydoodle- an older Abbadoozleish word for a flip, cartwheel, or any act of gymnastics.

If there are words I use that are not mentioned above, comment, and I’ll add them.


Death, Grief, Mourning

Unfortunately I washed my cellphone. Again. There’s a slim chance it will survive and function normally, with minor issues. The chances are slightly better it will survive with mental issues and not function properly, and, therefore, unusable. The odds are towards the last possibility total death and no function. I would be terribly sad if my cellphone didn’t survive. The final decision will be made of Friday, unless I don’t like it, then I’ll give it another week in the rice (a treatment commonly given to electronics that have been in water).


Cellphone Funeral

I accidentally washed my cellphone. Again. It really was an accident! I love my cellphone. It’s not fancy or anything, and it’s discontinued, so I couldn’t get a new one just like it. I don’t know why I’m so attached to it, maybe it’s because it was my first cellphone. Maybe it’s the almost three years I’ve spent with it. I took it out of the rice (a treatment for electronics that had been washed) today. It vibrated the entire process of turning on, announcing a low battery, and turning off. It kept vibrating until I removed the battery. I feel terrible. It’s my fault I’ll have to buy myself a new cellphone to not get lost. I’ll know for sure my cellphone’s fate this Friday when I check on it.

Abby didn’t procrastinate

Not completely, this time. I’m so happy! I got my progress check done! I’m probably gonna fail math, but I got my progress check done! Yay! I was so happy that I drew a smiley face with teeth! TEETH!


P.S. Check out my Flickr photostream

I figured it out!

Alexis helped, I must give her that credit. She and I are both going to do a 365 thing. We started a group on Flickr where we’ll have themes for each week that members don’t have to follow, but can if they don’t know what to take a picture of for that day. It’s pretty much random pictures, but something every day. I want to start next week, Christmas break, or New Year’s Day. Check my Flickr account daily as of whatever date I decide on!


365 Days of What?

Lots of people on Flickr do these 365 Days of Something. I want to try one, but I don’t know what to take pictures of for a year. A person or something that changes would be interesting, or something like a fire hydrant that are all over and you wouldn’t have to use the same hydrant. I have a while, I want to start on January 1st. I’ll put a few example links at the end of this post. I want it to be something interesting, and something no one’s done on Flickr. It also has to be something other than myself. It can be the same exact person/thing every day like in Example 1 or the same thing but not the exact one, like in the fire hydrant example. I’m feeling lazy, so if you want more examples search 365 at Flickr.

Email me or comment here with a suggestion or question.



Example 1

Amazing Movie

I don’t even know why I think it’s so amazing. It’s called Close Encounter of the Third Kind I think. Something along those lines. It’s pretty good, I liked how it doesn’t tell you everything straight out. You have to inference. Check it out.

Should Shannabby get her own site?

She could write about her adventures at my house, and at Shanna’s. She could post pictures and tell the world about her fairy-butterfly-princess-awesomeness. Vote at here.

Super Hero Profile

Super Abbadoozle

Nickname: Unknown

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Eye Color: Brown/ Hazel

Hair Color: Blond

Abilities/ Powers

Animal Attributes,
Animal Oriented Powers,
Animation/ Thought Projection,
Astral Projection,
Astral Trap,
Bullet Time,
Cold Resistance,
Cross-Dimensional Awareness,
Cross-Dimensional Travel,
Danger Sense,
Darkforce Manipulation,
Density Control,
Electrical Transport,

Elemental Transmogrification,
Energy Absorption,
Energy Armor,
Energy Beams,
Energy Blasts,
Energy Manipulation,
Energy Resistance,
Enhanced Memory,
Enhanced Senses,
Entropy Projection,
Fire Resistance,
Force Fields,
Green Lantern Ring,
Healing Factor,
Heat Resistance,
Heat vision,
Human physical perfection,
Intuitive aptitude,
Latent Abilities,

Magic Resistance,
Microscopic vision,
Mind Blast,
Mind Control,
Mind Control Resistance,
Molecular Combustion,
Molecular Dissipation,
Molecular Immobilization,
Molecular Manipulation,
Natural Weapons,
Night Vision,
Photographic Reflexes,
Physical Anomaly,
Portal Creation,
Power Absorption,
Power Augmentation,
Power Cosmic,
Power Nullifier,
Power Sense,
Probability Manipulation,
Psionic Powers,
Radiation Absorption,
Radiation Control,
Radiation Immunity,
Reality Warping,
Seismic Power

Size Changing,
Sonic Scream,
Substance Secretion,
Symbiote Costume,
Telepathy Resistance,
Telescopic Vision,
Thermal Vision,
Time Travel,
Timeframe Control,
Toxin and Disease Resistance,
Underwater breathing,
Vaporising Beams,
X-ray vision,

What is Engudiguea?

Here’s the deal, Cricket and I picked up a little hobby while visiting Engudiguea: we can charla a las vacas en la luna. So, whaat is Engudiguea?

A city? State? Providence? Country? Colony? Far off universe filled with four eyed aliens with orange pasty skin?

Well, yes. Pick one. I’ll write more about Engudiguea some other time.

My Weekend October 11- 12

Friday consisted of homework, and then a football game in Rochester for my dad’s uncle’s son, his cousin, who’s my age, only a year older.  We got, like, 10 people who were interested in posters, and I’m sure, many more!

Saturday, we had pancakes for breakfast, and then we went to Karch’s football game. Like always, we didn’t watch the game, Ava, Jax, Weston, Mal, and I. We were hanging around the empty soccer fields and we were thinking of stuff to do. We decided to ask to play hide and seek in the paintball  place. We were running around and hiding and such when someone found some paintballs. Ava suggested playing house, and we’re all pretty smart, so we agreed with Ava. Ava got to work picking corn off of the cob, and Jax, Weston, and Mallory were painting with the carefully punctured paintballs. I was supervising. Weston accidentally squeezed a paintball too tight and burst paint all over Ava, and a bit on me. I made us leave after that. Then we went to Best Buy to return a mouse. Around 5 we drove to Virginia to my grandma’s house for a fall party thing. Devin, Derek, Me, Jax, Mallory, Weston, Karch, and Ava, and Becklin played with a football and a volleyball. It was fun, until my dad got tense because we were making smores. Then he wouldn’t let us run around because we might get hurt! We always have a chance of getting hurt!

Then, on Sunday, Grammy Dodie came over for breakfast, I had muffins. Dad, Mal, and I went to the fairgrounds for a flea market, after Grammy left. We got old Yahtzee cards, and saw some horse show thing. We couldn’t stay long, though, because Devin and Derek were coming over at 1. We played the Wii and I beat Devin at Guitar Hero, then he beat me. Then we played WiiFit, and I won at everything. Devin and Derek had to go to Chatham with Aunt Tammy to help clean up at the Anderson’s though, because we were going over there for dinner with my mom’s dad. When we were at the Anderson’s, I gave Ava a make over, I even painted her nails. We also found some wigs around their house. I wore a Hannah Montana wig, though it was all tangled and stuff. I also wore a green afro wig. It was fun. When we left, Becklin ran up and gave me a hug, and a high five, and tried to close the door on us. That’s the end of my weekend. Monday’s still to come, though!

Reptile Awareness Day

Decorate a Cake Day!

Abby’s Poem

She is as silly as some cheese grass,
but in math she’ll do more than pass.

She loves her two dogs Elli and Cricket,
but in soccer she can’t do more than kick it.

She’s an official photographer,
but when the camera’s pointed at her, she’s gopher.


Happy Leif Erickson Day!

You’ve never heard of Leif Erickson Day?!?! That’s Unamerican!History Lesson: I would like to tell you something interesting or not so interesting about Leif Erickson, but I only know that he was a writer, viking/ explorer. You’ve got no shopping days left until the great and long awaited holiday of Leif Erickson Day. Go buy a viking hat.

I’m a Poet and I Didn’t Even Know it

No, I really didnt!

Shannabby’s Costume

Shanna and I are going to the mall this Saturday to get Shannabby a Halloween costume. Any suggestions? I went to the Build a Bear website, so here are the costumes they have:

Fushia Witch Costume

Fushia Witch Costume

Kooky Spooky Hero Costume

Kooky Spooky Hero Costume

Mummy Costume

Mummy Costume

Pirate Girl Costume

Pirate Girl Costume

Medical Outfit

Medical Outfit

Purple Cheerleading Uniform

Purple Cheerleading Uniform


If you really think about it, cartoon characters on cereal commercials are very selfish. Here are a few examples:


“Silly Rabbit, Trix are for Kids!”

If you read this article, you’ll see the kids aren’t just being selfish.

Cookie Crisps

Fruity Pebbles

Not only do Fruity Pebbles show a selfish character, but they also promote theft.

Lucky Charms

It seems like the only kind cereal character out there is Captain Crunch.


Sorry I have not been posting much, I have been so busy with the history research project, I hate it! I m almost done now, and it is due tomorrow, so it will be out of my life!! Alexis and I are having a contest to see who can speak properly longer, with no contractions or abbreviations.

A Conversation, and A Competition

[16:33] dolfinlvr695: mine’s almost 3 pages
[16:33] ajdalzin: i’m getting closer to 3 now
[16:33] dolfinlvr695: I’ll have to like right things longer and stuff
[16:34] ajdalzin: i mean 2 ful pages
[16:34] dolfinlvr695: like instead of i’ll i can put I will
[16:34] ajdalzin: yea i’m doing that too
[16:34] ajdalzin: i mean I AM
[16:34] dolfinlvr695: Yes
[16:34] dolfinlvr695: Laugh Out Loud
[16:34] dolfinlvr695: haha
[16:34] ajdalzin: Let us talk properly
[16:34] dolfinlvr695: Yes! Let us.
[16:34] ajdalzin: And use large words
[16:35] dolfinlvr695: Hippopautomous!
[16:35] ajdalzin: I am tired
[16:35] ajdalzin: I mean, I am sleepy and exausted
[16:35] dolfinlvr695: That is a large word.
[16:35] ajdalzin: Yes, it is!
[16:35] ajdalzin: I will be right back, I need to use the restroom
[16:35] dolfinlvr695: YAY! For large words
[16:35] dolfinlvr695: Okay.
[16:46] ajdalzin: I have returned
[16:46] dolfinlvr695: Wonderful welcome back. -Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
[16:47] ajdalzin: Why have you written Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the end of your sentence
[16:48] dolfinlvr695: I have written Charlie and the Chocolate Factory at the end of my sentence because it was a quotation from the movie.
[16:49] ajdalzin: Oh, I understand. My father is angry because it has been a week and I do not know where to put my Debbie rubber band.
[16:49] dolfinlvr695: What is your Debbie rubber band?
[16:50] ajdalzin: It is a small rubber band, as opposed to Fox, Elephant, and such
[16:52] dolfinlvr695: Why did you say “Debbie” before “rubber band”?
[16:53] ajdalzin: Because that is the name of the size of rubber band
[16:53] dolfinlvr695: The rubber band is as big as someone named Debbie?
[16:53] ajdalzin: No, the rubber band is quite small compared to the Fox rubber bands I use on other parts of my mouth
[16:55] dolfinlvr695: So is Debbie the brand of rubber band?
[16:55] ajdalzin: Not a brand, but a size
[16:56] ajdalzin: I have a picture of a donkey on my main title page of my research paper
[16:56] dolfinlvr695: Would you like to read my report?
[16:56] ajdalzin: No thank you
[16:56] dolfinlvr695: Okay.
[16:57] ajdalzin: I should be working fully on my own, but I’m conversing with you
[16:57] dolfinlvr695: Is it a donkey because it is the one president who people called a donkey pretty much, but the more offensive term?
[16:57] ajdalzin: Yes, and because it is the democratic symbol
[16:57] dolfinlvr695: Yes
[16:57] dolfinlvr695: Should I put a peace sign on the front of mine?
[16:57] ajdalzin: What do you think of this proper speaking?
[16:57] ajdalzin: Sure, who is your president
[16:58] dolfinlvr695: I think it is harder to type properly.
[16:58] dolfinlvr695: Thomas Jeffereson
[16:58] ajdalzin: Yes, I would agree.
[16:58] dolfinlvr695: I spelled that wrong!
[16:58] dolfinlvr695: *Gasp!*
[16:58] ajdalzin: Oh no! I won!
[16:58] dolfinlvr695: No!
[16:58] dolfinlvr695: Laugh out Loud.
[16:59] ajdalzin: One point for Miss Abby Dalsin
[16:59] ajdalzin: I will keep score.
[16:59] dolfinlvr695: Okay,
[16:59] ajdalzin: Let us try to speak like this at school tomorrow.
[16:59] dolfinlvr695: Saying Miss sounds fancy.
[16:59] ajdalzin: That will be entertaining
[16:59] ajdalzin: Yes, I would agree.
[16:59] dolfinlvr695: Yes it will, and people will think we’re weird, YAY!
[17:00] ajdalzin: Yes, yay.
[17:00] dolfinlvr695: It can be our contest, first to 20 points wins?
[17:00] ajdalzin: I would be okay with that.
[17:00] dolfinlvr695: So would I
[17:00] ajdalzin: Do we need to use punctuation.
[17:00] dolfinlvr695: I do not know.
[17:00] dolfinlvr695: What do you think?
[17:00] ajdalzin: What do you think?
[17:01] ajdalzin: Oh, I would say no, because I forget a lot.
[17:01] dolfinlvr695: I do not know.
[17:01] dolfinlvr695: Is it alot or a lot?
[17:01] ajdalzin: It is a lot.
[17:01] dolfinlvr695: Okay.
[17:01] dolfinlvr695: Good to know.
[17:02] ajdalzin: I am sure…
[17:03] dolfinlvr695: Alright.
[17:03] ajdalzin: I am video taping myself while I work on my report and speak to you.
[17:04] dolfinlvr695: I have the song Pas de Cheval stuck in my head.
[17:04] ajdalzin: I have the Veggie Tales theme song in my head.
[17:04] dolfinlvr695: Okay.
[17:04] dolfinlvr695: I watched a youtube video blog where someone was eating lucky charms and forgot he was recording it.
[17:04] ajdalzin: I have seen that.
[17:05] dolfinlvr695: I can not make my paper three pages!
[17:05] dolfinlvr695: It is only two and three quarters!
[17:05] ajdalzin: I can easily get three pages I think!
[17:05] dolfinlvr695: Okay
[17:05] dolfinlvr695: What font are you typing it in?
[17:06] ajdalzin: Courier New
[17:06] dolfinlvr695: So am I.
[17:06] dolfinlvr695: Do we have to talk properly around everyone or just each other?
[17:06] ajdalzin: I prefer Courier New over Times New Roman
[17:06] ajdalzin: Yes, we do
[17:06] dolfinlvr695: Yes, it is a bigger font.
[17:07] ajdalzin: Yes, I would agree
[17:08] dolfinlvr695: Do you think it will be bad if it is not a entire 3 pages long?
[17:08] ajdalzin: That would be terrible!!!
[17:08] dolfinlvr695: Oh no!
[17:09] dolfinlvr695: I think I need to extend my introductory paragraph
[17:09] dolfinlvr695: That would be helpful.
[17:09] ajdalzin: Or your Conclusion

[17:10] dolfinlvr695: My conclusion is already very long. My introduction, I am afraid, is rather short.
[17:10] ajdalzin: Oh, that is quite disappointing
[17:11] ajdalzin: I do hope I am having pizza or something yummy for supper
[17:11] dolfinlvr695: It is only five sentences long or something along the lines of that.
[17:11] ajdalzin: My introduction isn’t too terribly long, though my Indian Removal Act part is quite
[17:11] dolfinlvr695: I think I will have a mock corn dog and something else for dinner.
[17:12] dolfinlvr695: Can a paragraph be 10 sentences long?
[17:13] ajdalzin: Yes, I believe it can
[17:13] ajdalzin: I am amazed, I have over a page on the Indian Removal Act
[17:13] dolfinlvr695: Alright my introduction is five, my first main idea is 10, my second main idea is 9, and my conclusion is 7
[17:14] dolfinlvr695: Maybe I can extend both my introduction and conclusion to eight sentences.
[17:14] ajdalzin: I need to shorten my paper, would you look over it for me?
[17:15] dolfinlvr695: Yes I will.
[17:15] dolfinlvr695: If needed, maybe you can change the font to times new roman.
[17:15] ajdalzin: Thank you, I will send it to you by electronic mail in a Microsoft Works document
[17:16] dolfinlvr695: Or can you just copy and paste it? As I only have microsoft works 1996-1997 on this computer, and I am not sure how that will work
[17:19] ajdalzin: I suppose it will work, I already sent it.
[17:19] dolfinlvr695: Okay.
[17:20] ajdalzin: If you would take out what is unnecessary, that would be wonderful
[17:20] dolfinlvr695: Would you like to check mine for spelling errors?
[17:21] dolfinlvr695: My spell check does not function properly.
[17:21] ajdalzin: Sure, if you would send it to me, I can read it.
[17:21] dolfinlvr695: I will do that.
[17:22] dolfinlvr695: I will copy and paste it though, your document did not come up.
[17:22] ajdalzin: Okay, I will re-send my document
[17:22] dolfinlvr695: Alright.
[17:28] dolfinlvr695: I like how you said “folks”.
[17:28] ajdalzin: Oh, thank you. I sort of forgot I’d used that unsophisticated term.
[17:28] dolfinlvr695: It is a humorous word.
[17:28] dolfinlvr695: That is okay, the research papers do not count in the game.
[17:28] ajdalzin: I second that statement
[17:29] dolfinlvr695: You put the word has instead of as in the first sentence.
[17:30] ajdalzin: Oh no! One point for Miss Alexis Strode; The score is as follows:
1 Miss Abby Dalsin
1 Miss Alexis Strode
[17:31] dolfinlvr695: No I meant in your paper.
[17:31] ajdalzin: Oh, okay
[17:31] dolfinlvr695: I was incorrect anway, something about the way I copied and pasted it.
[17:31] ajdalzin: The score is as follows:
1 Miss Abby Dalsin
[17:31] dolfinlvr695: I actually have three pages now!
[17:31] dolfinlvr695: Hip Hip! Hooray!
[17:32] ajdalzin: Did you reduce my paper?
[17:32] dolfinlvr695: It is only two pages long according to my computer.
[17:32] dolfinlvr695: Oh, did you use fourteen point font?
[17:33] ajdalzin: Oh, size 14 font, Courier New font?
[17:33] ajdalzin: Probably not in the copied electronic mail
[17:33] dolfinlvr695: I used twelve point font.
[17:33] ajdalzin: Why oh why would you do that?
[17:33] dolfinlvr695: Try that, I think that is the font it was supposed to be.
[17:33] dolfinlvr695: Hopefully that will help.
[17:33] ajdalzin: What did you do?
[17:34] dolfinlvr695: When I typed my paper, I used twelve point font.
[17:34] ajdalzin: Oh, laugh out loud
[17:34] dolfinlvr695: That is the font it should be, haha.
[17:34] ajdalzin: Come video/audio call with me http://www.meebo.com/app/ajdalzin_2_1039577705___app___/#u%3ddolfinlvr695%26p%3daim%26m%3d%26mu%3dajdalzin
[17:35] ajdalzin: I am speaking to Vlada
[17:35] dolfinlvr695: I am not speaking to Vlada at this moment.
[17:35] ajdalzin: Oh, that’s saddening
[17:35] ajdalzin: I will be right back
[17:37] ajdalzin: You are watching the Cricket Cam
[17:38] dolfinlvr695: Hello Cricket!
[17:38] ajdalzin: He can not hear you
[17:38] dolfinlvr695: Oh no!
[17:38] dolfinlvr695: Would you tell Cricket that I said hi?
[17:38] ajdalzin: do you have a microphone on your computer?
[17:38] dolfinlvr695: No I do not, unfortunately.
[17:39] dolfinlvr695: Did I have any errors in my paper?
[17:39] ajdalzin: It says you are doing a voice only chat though?
[17:39] ajdalzin: Not that I could see
[17:39] dolfinlvr695: Okay, thank you.
[17:41] ajdalzin: Did you send my paper back?
[17:42] dolfinlvr695: No I did not see any mistakes.
[17:42] ajdalzin: Did you make any revisions, reduce anything?
[17:43] dolfinlvr695: Where it talks about the Indian Removal Act, was it like “the Indian Remocal Act of 1809″ or something like that?
[17:43] ajdalzin: I wanted you to take out any unneeded parts, it was too long
[17:44] dolfinlvr695: It was supposed to be in twelve point font.
[17:44] ajdalzin: No, it was supposed to be in fourteen point font
[17:46] dolfinlvr695: It said on the outline paper that it was supposed to be twelve.
[17:47] dolfinlvr695: I will be right back.
[17:48] ajdalzin: you’re right
[17:48] dolfinlvr695: Have you started writing the paper for literature?
[17:49] ajdalzin: No
[17:49] dolfinlvr695: Do you think I should write it tonight?
[17:49] ajdalzin: Yes, or make it up as you go along tomorrow
[17:50] dolfinlvr695: alright.
[17:50] dolfinlvr695: I will probably work on it tonight.
[17:50] dolfinlvr695: Or on the bus tommorow on the way to school.
[17:50] dolfinlvr695: Did you read my paper?
[17:51] ajdalzin: Yes, I did
[17:51] ajdalzin: Score:
Miss Abby Dalsin 1
Miss Alexis Strode 1
[17:51] dolfinlvr695: Should I put a peace sign as the picture on the main page?
[17:52] ajdalzin: I do not see why not
[17:52] dolfinlvr695: Actually you have two points Abby, as I misspelled removal.
[17:52] ajdalzin: Oh, thank you for pointing that out
Miss Abby Dalsin 2
Miss Alexis Strode 1
[17:53] dolfinlvr695: You are welcome.
[17:54] ajdalzin: Are you enjoying the Cricket Cam
[17:54] dolfinlvr695: Cricket is awesome!
[17:54] ajdalzin: He is loving being a star
[17:55] ajdalzin: I am going to have to stop for a moment
[17:56] dolfinlvr695: okay
[17:56] ajdalzin: I am making a preview for my website, which I have not been on much
[17:57] dolfinlvr695: Okay
[17:57] dolfinlvr695: Speaking of which, I must update my blog soon.
[17:57] ajdalzin: As must I
[17:57] ajdalzin: Are you bringing your lunch tomorrow?
[17:58] dolfinlvr695: Yes I am.
[18:00] dolfinlvr695: Our title page must include a title, correct?
[18:00] ajdalzin: Yes, I don’t see why it wouldn’t
[18:00] dolfinlvr695: A title for the report, is what I mean.
[18:01] dolfinlvr695: Oh no Abby!
[18:02] ajdalzin: Score:
Miss Abby Dalsin 2
Miss Alexis Strode 2
[18:03] dolfinlvr695: For my title, should I have “The Route of Peace” ?
[18:05] ajdalzin: Yes, that sounds like a delightful title
[18:07] dolfinlvr695: I put
[18:07] dolfinlvr695: The Route of Peace : Thomas Jefferson
[18:07] ajdalzin: I like it!
[18:07] ajdalzin: I am going to see what is for dinner
[18:07] dolfinlvr695: I thank you.
[18:07] ajdalzin: I will be right back
[18:07] dolfinlvr695: I wanted to make it proper.
[18:08] ajdalzin: I will put the Cricket Cam on
[18:09] ajdalzin: I have returned
[18:10] dolfinlvr695: Okay
[18:10] ajdalzin: I will leave the Cricket Cam open for your entertainment
[18:10] dolfinlvr695: I asked my mom if she would read my paper, and be nice to it.
[18:10] dolfinlvr695: She laughed and said she would not harm it.
[18:10] ajdalzin: Are those her exact words?
[18:11] dolfinlvr695: No they are not.
[18:11] dolfinlvr695: Her exact words were not very proper.
[18:11] dolfinlvr695: It was “I won’t harm it”
[18:11] ajdalzin: If it is a quote, It is alright
[18:11] dolfinlvr695: It is a quote.
[18:11] ajdalzin: Correct
[18:11] dolfinlvr695: I will return soon, but I must go let our dogs back into the house.
[18:11] dolfinlvr695: Why is the question that baffles me.
[18:12] ajdalzin: Okay
[18:12] dolfinlvr695: I am back.
[18:13] ajdalzin: Welcome back!
[18:14] dolfinlvr695: I must reprint my paper, as some spelling mistakes were overlooked.
[18:14] ajdalzin: Did you use spelling and grammar check?
[18:14] dolfinlvr695: I do not have one of those.
[18:14] ajdalzin: Oh
[18:14] ajdalzin: I do not know what is for dinner
[18:14] ajdalzin: I hope I can have pasta, it is my favorite
[18:17] dolfinlvr695: I like pasta too, as well as pancakes.
[18:17] ajdalzin: I hope we’re having pasta for dinner, it is my favorite.
[18:17] ajdalzin: I second that statement
[18:17] dolfinlvr695: I would like to go to noodles and company sometime.
[18:17] ajdalzin: I believe tomorrow will be much more difficult
[18:19] dolfinlvr695: Why will tommorow be more difficult?
[18:20] ajdalzin: When we are at school, it is natural to talk less sophisticatedly
[18:21] dolfinlvr695: I understand your point.
[18:21] dolfinlvr695: It is kind of ironic to think about though.
[18:21] ajdalzin: I do not understand
[18:22] ajdalzin: I will be right back
[18:23] dolfinlvr695: Alright.
[18:24] ajdalzin: No one will tell me what is for dinner
[18:24] ajdalzin: I feel agitated
[18:24] dolfinlvr695: I am sorry.
[18:24] dolfinlvr695: What did you not understand earlier?
[18:25] ajdalzin: I did not understand why it is ironic
[18:25] dolfinlvr695: That at school, a place where we learn grammar, we do not talk properly usually.
[18:26] ajdalzin: Yes, but we are with friends and not typing.
[18:26] dolfinlvr695: That is true.
[18:26] ajdalzin: When typing, we may go back and fix mistakes if we wish
[18:26] dolfinlvr695: You are correct.
[18:26] dolfinlvr695: I usually do not think as much before I speak.
[18:27] ajdalzin: Right, correct, agreed
[18:29] dolfinlvr695: My mother is trying to get the light bulb that I had broken while it was still in the light socket, out with a potato.
[18:30] ajdalzin: Interesting
[18:30] dolfinlvr695: Yes, very much so.
[18:31] ajdalzin: I am making good progress on my research paper
[18:31] dolfinlvr695: I have finished, with three pages
[18:31] dolfinlvr695: I am very happy that I am done with it forever!
[18:31] dolfinlvr695: I just have to put the folder in order now.
[18:31] ajdalzin: I have completed 4 pages, I am on my fourth
[18:32] dolfinlvr695: That is good
[18:32] ajdalzin: That is GREAT
[18:32] dolfinlvr695: My mom thinks that it is just cutting the potato.
[18:32] dolfinlvr695: I told her it is probably becuase she read it wrong, and it was an article on how to slice a potato if you do not own a potato slicer.
[18:33] dolfinlvr695: I am sure there are easier ways, like with a knife, but I guess some people are just a little odd.
[18:33] ajdalzin: Oh, laugh out loud, for real!
[18:33] dolfinlvr695: I agree!
[18:34] ajdalzin: I need to write the last paragraph of my research paper
[18:34] dolfinlvr695: My mom does not think it is best to eat the potato after, I wonder why.
[18:35] ajdalzin: I cannot imagine why
[18:36] ajdalzin: I am going to consume food.
[18:36] dolfinlvr695: (auto-response from dolfinlvr695) I have invented a new way to slice a potato, ask me how!
[18:36] dolfinlvr695: Okay
[18:37] dolfinlvr695: Hello Cricket!
[18:37] dolfinlvr695: Top of the evening to you!
[18:58] ajdalzin: Top of the evening to you
[18:58] dolfinlvr695: (auto-response from dolfinlvr695) I have invented a new way to slice a potato, ask me how if you do not have a potato slicer!
[18:58] ajdalzin: What is Alexis doing at this moment in time?
[19:00] dolfinlvr695: Putting my folder together
[19:00] ajdalzin: Can you please tell me the order we need to have things?
[19:01] dolfinlvr695: Yes
[19:01] dolfinlvr695: 1. Early presidents/yellow sheet
[19:01] dolfinlvr695: 2. calender
[19:01] ajdalzin: I know I have up to the strange packet
[19:01] dolfinlvr695: oh ok
[19:01] dolfinlvr695: 8. a taking notes
[19:02] dolfinlvr695: b. definition of plagerism
[19:02] dolfinlvr695: c.plagerism pledge
[19:02] dolfinlvr695: d. introductory paragraph
[19:02] dolfinlvr695: e.work sited paper
[19:02] ajdalzin: Check, check, check, check,
[19:02] dolfinlvr695: f. parenthetical citation
[19:02] ajdalzin: I sneezed
[19:03] dolfinlvr695: 6. writing notes with transitions on the bak
[19:03] dolfinlvr695: Laugh out loud i did not see it.
[19:03] ajdalzin: Oh,
[19:03] ajdalzin: you did not?
[19:03] dolfinlvr695: I was not looking at the computer.
[19:03] dolfinlvr695: Is that the day you are celebrating today?
[19:04] ajdalzin: Yes, it is. I think Jake celebrates it too
[19:04] dolfinlvr695: Who is Jake?
[19:04] ajdalzin: Jake Hamil
[19:04] dolfinlvr695: Oh haha!
[19:04] dolfinlvr695: In math he asked “Is number twenty-eight not up there?”
[19:05] ajdalzin: He always celebrates ask a stupid question day
[19:05] dolfinlvr695: So Mrs. Peterson said ” Well if you do not see it up there it is obviously not up there””
[19:05] dolfinlvr695: Do you watch gilmore girls?
[19:05] ajdalzin: I have to read now, please do not disturb me.
[19:05] ajdalzin: No, I do not
[19:05] dolfinlvr695: Okay.
[19:05] dolfinlvr695: He reminds me of Kirk
[19:05] dolfinlvr695: It is Funny.
[19:05] dolfinlvr695: He is the one that said he locked his pillow in the bathroom.
[19:06] ajdalzin: Jake kept asking me what order the pages go in for the folder in history and even science!
[19:07] ajdalzin: I have a cool hat!
[19:07] dolfinlvr695: Yay!
[19:07] dolfinlvr695: I remember last year me and Cierra and Brenna found a science book in the back of the room, and it had his entire name stamped in it.
[19:08] dolfinlvr695: It said Jake Hamill completely.
[19:08] ajdalzin: Is not it cool?
[19:08] dolfinlvr695: It was funny.
[19:08] dolfinlvr695: I like your hat, it is cool!
[19:08] ajdalzin: He had a stamp
[19:08] dolfinlvr695: Yes.
[19:08] ajdalzin: Thank you
[19:08] dolfinlvr695: With his entire name on it.
[19:08] ajdalzin: Yes, I’ve seen it before
[19:09] dolfinlvr695: HAH!

[19:09] dolfinlvr695: I want to see it!
[19:09] dolfinlvr695: I really laughed.
[19:09] ajdalzin: He had it last year, I don’t know if he still has it.
[19:09] ajdalzin: My dad had a stamp like that.
[19:09] dolfinlvr695: That is funny!
[19:09] dolfinlvr695: I must ask him if I can see it.
[19:09] ajdalzin: But it said Dalsin Home Builders
[19:10] dolfinlvr695: The hat?
[19:10] ajdalzin: No, the stamp
[19:10] dolfinlvr695: haha!
[19:10] dolfinlvr695: Oh ok.
[19:11] dolfinlvr695: Does he stamp the top of his homework and stuff with it?
[19:11] ajdalzin: Not Jake’s stamp, but my dad’s
[19:11] dolfinlvr695: I know.
[19:11] ajdalzin: Okay
[19:11] dolfinlvr695: But did Jake put his on his homework?
[19:12] ajdalzin: Yes, because his handwriting is so terrible
[19:12] dolfinlvr695: I really laughed again.
[19:13] dolfinlvr695: I must pay more attention in math.
[19:13] dolfinlvr695: To see if he stamps his name on anything.
[19:13] ajdalzin: Yes, and so you shall
[19:13] dolfinlvr695: I would probably start laughing though.
[19:13] dolfinlvr695: Timothy would look at me weird.
[19:13] dolfinlvr695: Oh well!
[19:13] dolfinlvr695: haha
[19:13] ajdalzin: Why would you care what Tim thought?
[19:14] dolfinlvr695: You know why.
[19:14] dolfinlvr695: haha
[19:14] ajdalzin: I do not know why
[19:14] dolfinlvr695: Yes you do.
[19:14] ajdalzin: No I do not!
[19:14] dolfinlvr695: Timothy Miller?
[19:14] ajdalzin: Stop acting like you told me something, because you did not
[19:14] ajdalzin: Yes Tim Miller
[19:15] dolfinlvr695: Okay
[19:15] ajdalzin: Want to see my teeth
[19:15] dolfinlvr695: haha
[19:15] ajdalzin: I was entertained by theat
[19:15] ajdalzin: SCORE
Abby 2
Alexis 3
[19:15] dolfinlvr695: You have 3 also.
[19:16] dolfinlvr695: I said “ok” earlier by mistake.
[19:16] ajdalzin: Oh, I did not realize that
[19:16] ajdalzin: Score:
[19:16] ajdalzin: 3-3
[19:17] dolfinlvr695: Did you have pasta for dinner?
[19:17] ajdalzin: No I had a peanut butter and jelly samich
[19:17] ajdalzin: Samich is correct, by the way
[19:17] dolfinlvr695: It is?
[19:17] dolfinlvr695: huh, odd.
[19:17] ajdalzin: Yes, it is an Abby Word,
[19:18] ajdalzin: like saddening
[19:18] dolfinlvr695: Oh okay.
[19:18] ajdalzin: Jane is online now.
[19:18] dolfinlvr695: Sometimes Jane.
[19:18] dolfinlvr695: Not always Jane.
[19:19] ajdalzin: Literature was strange
[19:19] dolfinlvr695: Yes.
[19:19] dolfinlvr695: Charly is kind of perverted now.
[19:19] ajdalzin: Yes, I would agree
[19:21] dolfinlvr695: His paintings were creepy.
[19:22] ajdalzin: Yes,
[19:22] ajdalzin: Yes they were
[19:23] dolfinlvr695: What kind of face cleaner stuff do you use?
[19:23] dolfinlvr695: Like for acne or whatever.
[19:23] ajdalzin: Uh, I don’t know
[19:23] dolfinlvr695: “don’t”?
[19:24] ajdalzin: I can check, I know its some pink stuff, and some blue stuff with dots in it, and some white stuff
[19:24] ajdalzin:
Abby 3
Alexis 4

Good Idea?

Abby thinks Abby has a good idea. What do you think?

What if there was an alarm clock that instead of an annoying and startling BEEP  it played a soft, quiet message, sending your brain a subliminal message. I don’t know how it works, but it seems like it could be a good idea. It would bring your dream to an end, not leaving you hanging,  and send you messages like “Today will be a great day!” or something along those lines.

Comment, is it a good idea? Bad idea? Need improvement? Got an idea to add? COMMENT!

Happy Johnny Appleseed Day!

Johnny Appleseed Day post including photos of Johnny Appleseed and a fresh apple

Merry National Comic Book Day!

Had to Post it.

I just came across this and HAD to share it with my people.


Windows Live Search Club

About 3 months ago, I played Windows Live Search Club. I worked so hard, earning tickets to get the prize I wanted. I wanted a webcam. Finally, after hours and hours of playing, I got enough tickets and ordered my prize! I got a conformation email saying it would take 5-6 weeks to arrive. I was disappointed by that, but I happy knowing it would come. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 weeks passed. 12 weeks later brings us up to today’s date. The door bell rang and Dad questioned me wondering why Mallory doesn’t have a key. Not Mal, but a UPS guy. I open the door. Not at all expecting what it was. It was addressed to me, so it was mine. I’d pretty much forgotten about my prize by this time. I took it in to the kitchen and cut it open. MY PRIZE! Imagine my excitement, which was suprisingly low, when my lost prize finally arrived! Great story, huh? The end.

National Cherries Jubilee Day!

I don’t know what that means!

Would You Rather?

Comment and pick your answers for each one.

  1. Would you rather
    be able to fly, or
    have the ability to read people’s minds?
  2. Would you rather
    be able to bring about a lasting world peace, or
    eliminate all hunger and disease?
  3. Would you rather
    a. Meet the Beatles, or
    b. eat beetle meat?

Please justify, or tell why you picked your answers.


Mallory had to make a mound* for a school project. She made a mound* to honor the rabbit Cricket murdered. It was cute, and made out of clay. Mom heated the toaster oven and put the clay bunny in. Mallory noticed the paper curling. “Whoa! The paper’s curling!” The paper caught on fire.


*Mound- a pile of dirt and dead people.

Merry Brenna’s Hug A Tree Day!

Go hug a tree.

Happy Elephant Appreciation Day

Tribute To Elephants:

Pretty Weird

Abraham Lincoln can play the saw

The Places I’ve Been

These are all of the places I can remember going, or know that I’ve been. I don’t remember going to Utah, but I know I went.

Starved Rock

Holland Michigan

Saugatuck Michigan

Douglas Michigan

Salt Lake City, Utah

Disney World

Keokuk Iowa

Warsaw Illinois

Peoria Illinois

Bloomingdale Illinois

Chicago Illinois

St. Louis Missouri

Lake Sangchris

Indianapolis Indiana

Hannibal Illinois

Bloomington Indiana

Chatham Illinois

Virginia Illinois

Beardstown Illinois

Jacksonville Illinois

Rodchester Illinois

Quincy Illinois

Rockford Illinois

Champaign Illinois

Decatur Illinois

Grafton Illinois

Joliet Illinois

Nauvoo Illinois

Tuscola Illinois

Update On My Life

This weekend, tonight actually, my family, dogs and all, is/are going to a football game in somewhere that I don’t know the name of. Then we’re going to stay all night in a hotel with the dogs. On Saturday, we’re driving to Navoo/ Hannibal to see Mark Twain Cave and a bunch of stuff, I don’t know what really.

Recent Complaints:

I got home from taking pictures with Dad. Mom makes me call Justin to see what Adelle wants for her birthday. Why couldn’t Mal call. Mallory was at home, I wasn’t. Mom tells me to get the dogs food. Mal hasn’t done anything. I have to get the dogs harnesses and stuff ready. Mal still hasn’t moved from her place on the couch. Mal has to get a suitcase. She procrastinates until she doesn’t have any time. She has to rush through a shower, then gets angry because I won’t help her get a suitcase. I have to get the suitcase. Mal didn’t do anything. I highly doubt she’d be able to find it anyway, considering she never looks higher or lower than her eye level. I’ll stop complaining now. Had to tell someone/something though.


I’m so happy, and joy filled, and many more antonyms of sad! When I got home, I found my phone! My other post was written and posted at Best Buy, some of their computers are connected to the internet. I want a tablet laptop, you know, the kind you can flip around and write on. I’m watching Spongebob at the moment. Bye! I’m thrilled!


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